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Where IT started

The idea of this project came up when the possibility of creating a clothing collection could join the concept of sustainability and the adventure of sailing.


I saw an opportunity in sails, parachutes, wetsuits, and bicycle tires to use them as textiles that could be rescued from ending up in landfill once they had fulfilled their main objective.


This way, I was able to upcycle them into clothes that could project the connection between the wind, the sea, and the sailboat. I managed to join two of my main interests that ended up having so much in common.


Upcycling materials that could have been considered trash, helped me lower the collection’s carbon emissions and create awareness about the amount of trash generated by the fashion industry.

At 11 years-old, I had a radical change in the way I viewed sailing and nature. Thanks to my sailing camp at Catemaco, Veracruz that had the impact to change my relationship with the lagoon. Six days full of adventure, using all my senses to connect with the wind, the water, and the sail

Jimena Gárate, founder of Veleta

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