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We invite you to get to know through some pictures a little bit about the process of the Victoria bag.

Behind this small production of 20 bags you can find Gaby, Ana Laura, and María de la Luz in the confection team. Also, Gustavo, Orlando, Oscar, Erick, and Victor at screen printing. By joining Veleta you’re supporting the work of six Mexicans based in Mexico City that are an example of resilience during the situation we’re living.

Made of 100% conscious design

Made of 100% Mexican hands

Made of 100% slow fashion

Made of  100% upcycled paragliding


Victoria because she was the friend that supported me and made the first buy.

Victoria because the route to get here wasn’t easy and it should be celebrated.

Victoria because there was a lot of people that thought I wouldn’t make it and I did.

Victoria because throughout this journey I realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by incredible people.

Victoria because after this weird, hard, and sad year we’ll start having great outcomes.

Victoria  because it may be just a bag but it represents much more tan that.

Victoria  for being made out of 100% upcycled materials.


Victoria because this is the start of something bigger.

Victoria because this ship got bigger in 2020.

Victoria because we all need one from time to time.

Victoria because this ship set sail.

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